Open source software and hardware design for a solid state 24h ambulatory ECG monitor and analysis software running on Linux

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Electrocardiognosis (short: ECGNOSIS) is an ambulatory 24h ECG monitor, that is a device about the size of a dictaphone which a patient carries with him for a day and which records an electrocardiogram, continuously, for this period. The electrocardiogram is stored in RAM memory and can be later transfered to a Linux computer where it can be processed using the Electrocardiognosis analysis program. This kind of device is also called `a holter monitor' after the name of its inventor, Norman Holter.

Electrocardiognosis analysis software, firmware and hardware blueprints are free for use and development under the GNU General Public Licence, and only depend on open-source software. Below you can download the source code of the analysis program and of the firmware and transfer software. The other components will follow soon.




It used to run on Linux systems with svgalib or on MS-DOS systems. We recently adjusted it to run on Linux systems with X11. To compile, you will also need the following other free packages:

grx (local copy: grx23.tgz)


Radu Corlan, Marius Seritan, Dan Corlan.



Main Screen
main screen
P wave screen
P wave analysis
Heart Rate Variability screen
heart rate variability
Poincare diagram screen
Poincare diagram
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